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What to Know 

  • The Radix version 9 Meal Range introduces the most advanced product range Radix has ever made. Continuing the company's culture of innovation.
  • The Radix version 9 Meal Range introduces improved nutritional designs, now spanning 107 nutritional design points, vs 71 in the previous version 8—a 50% increase. v9 is designed with Radix's latest generation of proprietary computational nutritional design technology, RNA (Radix Nutrition Architecture).
  • V9 is the first generation of Radix Meals specifically aimed at everyday athletic nutrition and health and wellness markets. It is a significant milestone for Radix as it aims to bring unmatched nutritional quality and convenience to customers' daily lives worldwide.

The Radix v9 Meal Range represents a milestone for Radix. It is the most significant generational improvement in its meal range in the company's history. It is a significant milestone for Radix as it aims to bring unmatched nutritional quality and convenience to customers' everyday lives worldwide.

"Achieving this milestone has been a true team effort across Radix. It is the result of the continued drive for progress across our team and our athletes and technology partners. Looking back on the journey to get here, it is almost unbelievable how much has been achieved." Says Mike Rudling, Radix's Technical Director.

"v9 was designed to achieve our next generation of nutritional design parameters from RNA" Radix's proprietary computational nutritional design technology – Radix Nutrition Architecture™. "To achieve our design targets for v9, our product formulations were almost entirely redesigned. This enabled approximately 30% higher nutritional values per 2,000kcal and a 50% increase in nutritional design parameters. And yet, we are most excited to share what we can achieve with this new product range from here," Says Mike Rudling. 

V9 forms a significant part of Radix's drive into personalised nutrition. Forming an integral part of a Radix ecosystem that will help customers use advanced health biometrics and smart wearable technologies to guide their nutrition strategies and monitor results.

"We are confident that Radix can be a leader in personalising nutrition at scale. We can provide our customers with unparalleled nutritional quality in products that are seamlessly convenient and can be taken anywhere. This, combined with soon-to-be-announced future technologies and services, will provide our customers with a simple ecosystem that enables them to improve health and athletic performance". 

Aside from improved nutritional design, every product within V9 has significantly improved flavours. There are now a total of nine flavours across Radix Breakfast Ranges. But it doesn't end there. 2024 will see many exciting additions to Radix's flavours and product ranges.

V9 also introduces redesigned packaging with 36% smaller packaging and thinner laminates to save 5 grams of material per product. Whilst also being compatible with many global soft plastics recycling schemes.

The smaller packaging is immediately eye-catching and notably easier to hold in the hand with a significantly smaller diameter. V9 will look great at home, work, and anywhere else you take it.

The packaging is now even simpler to use with a new fill level indicator for simpler preparation. Simply add water while stirring the product until the fill level reaches the guide. No guessing. A perfect result every time.

Radix's new v9 Breakfast and Meal range will be officially available in December 2023.