New In! Thai Green Curry Meals

New In! Thai Green Curry Meals

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Natural Nutrition is the Future

We’re building a world where a natural, nutrient dense diet with all the nutrients
your body needs is seamlessly available to you. Anywhere on earth.

Natural Ingredients

We believe in sourcing nutrients from high quality, natural, nutrient dense foods.
We believe these ingredients provide the body with nutrients in their natural forms
for the greatest bioavailability and digestibility.

Simplicity & Convenience

Great nutrition should be simple to access, fast to make and easy to take with you. This is why
we design our products to fit seamlessly into your daily lives, with innovative design features that
are fun to use and extremely practical. This has helped our products be used across the world by a wide
range of amazing people. From children to students, parents, busy professionals through to Olympic
athletes and world record holders.

Make it (really) Fun!

Great food brings happiness and joy. It brings people together, enables great adventures
and supports our lives' journeys wherever they take us. It should be fun! That’s why we design our
flavours to be as fun, enjoyable and naturally delicious as possible and we work creatively to
improve them and find new flavours. Every single day.

Make it (ridiculously) Healthy!

Using a first-principles approach to nutrition, we design our products with the knowledge
gleaned from the latest in health and nutritional science with real world feedback from our
partners across many areas of life.

We are amongst the first companies in the world to design products to support a healthy
metabolism - focusing on the areas our health such as mitochondrial function and energy production,
the musculoskeletal system and the gut microbiome. We do this by designing our products to be
support a nutritionally complete diet across an unprecedent level of essential and beneficial nutrients.

Make A Positive Difference at Extreme Scale

More than 2 billion people, approximately one-third of the global population suffer from
deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals. One in three adults out of 1.5 billion
people are estimated to be prediabetic.


To make a positive difference to humanity we need extreme scale. Headquartered in New Zealand,
we are designing a highly innovative and efficient manufacturing process that we believe can be scaled to
have a positive global impact.

Make It Accessible

We believe that to be ultimately effective in our goal, we must provide

a person with dietary quality that is in line with the leading scientific recommendations
at a total cost equal to or lower than today's food supply chain.


This includes the total cost of at home food preparation, including grocery expenditure,
travel and energy costs, personal time and food waste. Ultimately, we aim to provide a
nutritionally complete diet from natural ingredients at a lower price than today's food model.