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Lydia O'Donnell

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Introducing Lydia O'Donnell

Meet the woman changing the game for female athletes everywhere, introducing Lydia O'Donnell!

The Marathon runner, Nike Pacific Running Coach and recent founder of FEMMI has inspired a movement of female runners through her new approach to coaching.

Drawing from her own experiences as an athlete, she's now helping females take control of their training by factoring in women's health. FEMMI coaching stems from her own days as an elite athlete in her early twenties, feeling as though she had to train harder and restrict what she was eating to look a specific way and to fit the mould she'd developed inside her own head.

For too long, coaches have failed to distinguish how men and women's bodies differ from a physiological performance perspective. Now with FEMMI coaching, she's helping runners of all abilities achieve their goals through her holistic and personalised approach to training and wellbeing.

Constantly striving to find ways to allow her athletes and herself to reach their potential, Lydia embodies the 'Performance through Health' ethos, a key element at Radix. Her drive to improve, passion, and innovative approach is helping to educate and equip female runners to be their best self, both in training and everyday life.

When it comes to her own running career, Lydia is no stranger to success. Whether it be on the track, trail or the road, she has held national titles in the 5,000 meters, 10,000 meters and the half-marathon and has represented New Zealand in Cross Country, Half-Marathon and Marathon distance events. Her journey began at age seven through her local athletic club program, continuing into high school and into her twenties. She progressed to the longer marathon distance at age 25, having since run the 42km distance in an impressive 2 hours and 39 minutes.

Lydia has spent the past five years helping athletes develop and grow as unique individuals through her original company Lydia O'Donnell coaching, whilst also working as the Nike Pacific Running coach. She also remains actively involved in other community and performance-oriented initiatives. Originally from New Zealand, Lydia has travelled and competed all around the globe. She now resides in Melbourne, Australia, where she continues to lead and help inspire athletes, no matter where they are in their running journey.

Lydia says,"I am excited to be partnering with Radix Nutrition to fuel my system to be the best athlete I can be."

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