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Podcast 2: Project Empower | Early Challenges of the Atlantic 

  • 1 min read

Join us for a week 1 progress update on Project Empower as the team continue their 3000-mile row across theAtlantic Ocean. We discuss the initial challenges faced by Damian and Fergus and what they can expect in the coming days.



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Episode Content

00:00:00 - Episode Overview 

00:00:24 - Team Progress Update 

00:02:00 -  Getting Off the Coast Line 

00:02:53 - Using the Garmin Fenix 7x Sapphire Solar GPS watch to track progress 

00:03:08 - Erg vs Rowing in the Ocean 00:03:32 - Live Tracking 

00:04:20 - The Challenges 

00:08:45 -  Receiving the Data 

00:09:36 -  Early Rowing Statistics 

00:12:06 -  Front Loading Calories 

00:13:23 -  Heart Rate Update 

00:14:37 -  Applying the Data 

00:18:00 -  Wrap Up