New In! Thai Green Curry Meals

New In! Thai Green Curry Meals

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Caring For the Earth's Health as Much as We Do Human Health.

Improving the Sustainability &
Environmental Impact of Food

Radix Nutrition Aims to Minimise the Impact of All Activities on the Environment.


Caring for the environment has been a core part of our values since day one. As we grow, it continues to develop further, and we gain more of the abilities that enable us to improve our practices and standards further. The future is indeed bright in this area. However, it will take a significant and focused effort not only from Radix but from the entire global population to make a positive impact on climate change and environmental damage.


For our part, Radix aims to continuously seek ways of reducing the footprint of our activities, manufacturing and that of our products.


By working to improve upon Radix activities as explained below, we believe that, in time, we can achieve a significantly lower environmental footprint, per person, than an individual typically achieves at home. We know that this will not be easy; however, it is something we feel passionately about and believe we can achieve. We’re not sure how low our footprint will become; however, we do look forward to the challenge of pushing our limits to find out.

Reducing Food Waste

The FAO estimates one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption is lost or wasted each year. Approximately 1.3 Billion tonnes. We will need to significantly lower this number if we wish to lessen the burden humanity is placing on the environment and to achieve a sustainable future.


We aim to minimise food waste across all of our activities and help our customers reduce theirs through the products that we design and manufacture.


In 2019 the World Packaging Organisation presented Radix with a World Star Packaging design award in recognition of our innovative packaging design that reduces consumer food waste. We were the first New Zealand company in history to be presented with this award. Our design enables us to provide a nutritionally complete meal, using natural ingredients, with a long shelf life, in a format that is simple and convenient to make.


We work to continuously reduce food waste in our manufacturing and have already achieved manufacturing processes with almost zero food waste in standard operation. We continue to improve and hope to begin working with our supply chain in the future as we grow.

Material Usage and Recycling

We focus on finding ways to reduce our material footprint. This includes finding ways to reduce the volume of materials required, recycling and finding sustainable material options. These measures include working with suppliers to find new material alternatives, separating compatible materials for recycling.


Radix currently recycles:

  • Plastics
  • Cardboard & Paper
  • Wood
  • Electronic waste
  • Metal
  • Oil


Currently, our product packaging is not yet sustainable; however, we are working to identify a suitable material that will enable us to achieve this. We hope to find a solution soon and look forward to achieving this important step towards a more sustainable future. In our product design road map, we have identified material reductions across our product packaging that we are actively working towards achieving.



When factories manage energy efficiently everyone benefits from the results. We employ a variety of measures to minimise our energy usage.


Our focus on energy efficiency leads to lower environmental impact, lower manufacturing costs and ultimately, lower product costs all through the implementation of technology and a continual drive for improvement.


Reducing our energy footprint by utilising:

  • Renewable electricity
  • Data-driven decision making to reduce energy use in manufacturing processes
  • Smart shift management
  • State of the art energy-efficient equipment including variable speed drives across all main electrical motors
  • Proactive equipment maintenance to maintain efficiency
  • Energy-efficient building materials
  • LED lighting


We believe all businesses should develop an efficient energy management program regardless of their size or business activity. As we grow, we will continue to improve our energy efficiency by implementing new smart technology and manufacturing practices. In the future, we would like to achieve solar panels on our factory rooftop and energy recovery.