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What to Know 

  • The 2024 Kathmandu Coast to Coast race takes place over the 9th & 10th of February 2024. 
  • The Coast to Coast is an iconic New Zealand Multisport event with world-wide prestige amongst the international adventure racing community. The 243 kilometer course is famed for tackling some of New Zealand’s most iconic landscapes.
  • Radix has been apart of 5 victories with Simone Maier (2021, 2022, 2023), Sam Clarke (2020) and Dougal Allen (2021).



Radix Nutrition is excited to announce its partnership with the 2024 edition of the iconic Coast to Coast world multi-sport championships. The extended partnership reinforces Radix's long-term commitment to endurance athletes, their unique
nutritional requirements, and the challenging environments they travel and compete in.


The Coast to Coast is an iconic event in the global multi-sport calendar. Known for challenging athletes to traverse the South Island of New Zealand. Covering approximately 243 kilometres of diverse and demanding terrain, athletes run, cycle, and kayak. This challenging event tests athletes' physical endurance and mental strength, making nutrition a critical component of an athlete's success.


"Partnering with the Coast to Coast event reinforces our continued commitment to developing leading products for athletes. The Coast to Coast is exciting for Radix. The insights and data captured will enable us to understand further the nutritional requirements behind such extended endurance events through the physiological data and athlete feedback we can capture." Said Mike Rudling, co-founder and CEO of Radix Nutrition.


"Endurance athletes continue to be a focus for Radix as they represent one extreme end of human performance and metabolism. The insights we can take back from these partnerships continue to inform our work in other industries, such as the defence and emergency services markets.


The 2024 event will be especially poignant for Radix as it will coincide with the launch of its Applied Nutrition department and the utilisation of advanced biometric data from Garmin Health. This data will add significant insights into the requirements such extreme events place on the human body.


Radix is proud to have had the opportunity to develop its company and product range alongside the exceptional athletes who take part in this event. Over the past four years, Radix has been a part of four victories and iconic achievements.